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Translation of impagable

impagable     priceless    

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Sample sentences:
Darle a un niño un regalo que le gusta y ver su sonrisa de felicidad es impagable.

Giving a child a present he or she likes and seeing their happy smile is priceless.

Since my wife is pregnant, we must postpone the trip until tomorrow. I am back again in Poland in June and then I would be very happy to meet you. I will email the exact dates a little later.
It is good if you have previously practiced only Spanish, which also shows that you are very good at other languages, and still can learn many things. I hope I'll learn it soon and practice.
How are you? I want to meet you when you are in Austria? At the weekend I took the train home, and tomorrow I'm going back again to Karlsruhe in the south of our country. It is near Freiburg.
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