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Translation of incubar

incubar     to incubate    

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There we saw a lot of these beautiful trees which I had heard about when I was back in Germany. We visited the folliage and saw some amazing lakes in the northern part of the state, different from the rest.
I bought a bottle of water and took a pause to regain my energy. Not long after that I descended again and looked for a cafe place near the central square. To my surprise I found a very modern place.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of incubar
incubo  incubas  incuba  incubamos  incubáis  incuban  incubaba  incubabas  incubaba  incubábamos  incubabais  incubaban  incubé  incubaste  incubó  incubamos  incubasteis  incubaron  incubaré  incubarás  incubará  incubaremos  incubaréis  incubarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of incubate   [ incubated, incubated ]