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Translation of integrar

integrar     to integrate    

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Sample sentences:
Él integra una asociación que ayuda a las personas necesitadas.

He is a member of an association that helps people in need.
Robert integró una fraternidad cuando estaba en la universidad. Robert joined a fraternity when he was at university.
Toca el laúd porque integra una orquesta que toca música medieval. He plays the lute because he is part of an orchestra that plays medieval music.

Well why are you doing that to yourself? That is very hard. You can easily write in another language, if you prefer, because I speak many languages and I can understand many more. I only have problems with writing.
Well, you're already here ... would you ever have thought that I'm a member in facebook? You are a funny guy. What else is happening? Did you already settle down in your new country of choice?
I think you learn best through writing, talking and reading. Since I'm currently busy at my work and since I have no time for courses, I have no improvement plans for my Spanish studies.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of integrar
integro  integras  integra  integramos  integráis  integran  integraba  integrabas  integraba  integrábamos  integrabais  integraban  integré  integraste  integró  integramos  integrasteis  integraron  integraré  integrarás  integrará  integraremos  integraréis  integrarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of integrate   [ integrated, integrated ]