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Translation of intrigar

intrigar     to scheme    

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I remember that after highschool I went to study English in New York. First I did not know whether the city was right for me cause I wanted a place where I would not feel lost. However, it was the right choice.
I have began to learn English. I like to swim and to dive, because I lived near the beach while I lived in Miami. It is not similar to any other sport. But this week have not been yet to the pool.
To answer your question I'm a college teacher but I am working now for a real estate agency. I'm also responsible for the finances. It's a very lucrative business but I hate it, most of the time.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of intrigar
intrigo  intrigas  intriga  intrigamos  intrigáis  intrigan  intrigaba  intrigabas  intrigaba  intrigábamos  intrigabais  intrigaban  intrigué  intrigaste  intrigó  intrigamos  intrigasteis  intrigaron  intrigaré  intrigarás  intrigará  intrigaremos  intrigaréis  intrigarán