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Translation of juego

el juego      the game     
el juego     the play    ; the game    ; the sport    ; the gaming    ; the set    
el juego     the gamble    

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Sample sentences:
Él compitió en atletismo en los Juegos Olímpicos pasados.

He competed in athletics at the last Olympic Games.
Las personas relacionadas con el fútbol quieren excluir la violencia que a menudo acompaña a ese juego. People related to soccer want to exclude the violence that often accompanies that game.
Después de haber estado perdiendo por más de la mitad del juego, mi equipo finalmente ganó. After having been losing for more than half the game, my team finally won.
el juego Game

Naturally, like everyone else, Italian think about themselves that they are the best. They think that Italy is a great nation and a great country, but these thoughts are never aggresive or political.
The short story 'Hills like white elephants' is a short story about a relationship between a man and a young girl, based on having sexual encounters. The meaning of this story is not immediately recognizable.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of gamble   [ gambled, gambled ]
Conjugation of play   [ played, played ]
Conjugation of set   [ set, set ]