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Translation of liceo

el liceo     the lyceum    

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Sample sentences:
Tengo buenos recuerdos de mis días en el liceo.

I have good memories of my high school days.
Quería reunir a todos sus compañeros de liceo. She wanted to reunite all her classmates from high school.

Anyway, after an hour or so, I decided to head back to the host family as we agreed that I would return for dinner. I took one of these little yellow scooter taxis that were present all over Cuba.
Let me summarize our meeting from Sunday, please give me feedback if something is unclear. I will send you the study material, including lessons and vocabulary lists to ensure the accuracy of training.
I looked at the street name and saw that we were at the right hotel but on the wrong street. That is when I suspected that there were several hotels with the same name, one original and the rest copycats.
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