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Translation of madrugar

madrugar     to get up early

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The connecting flight to Phuket was fully booked, and the connection to Krabi had five empty seats. The problem was that the boarding began in ten minutes and I did not even have a ticket.
Choosing the right language school is not an easy task. If you want to learn Spanish for example, you first need to know which country you should visit, because the pronunciation in each country differs.
It's very good that you can learn English with the help of technology (Internet), I think you'll learn quickly. Although I am now getting better, I feel the improvement. But once again I lack vocabulary.
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Conjugation of madrugar
madrugo  madrugas  madruga  madrugamos  madrugáis  madrugan  madrugaba  madrugabas  madrugaba  madrugábamos  madrugabais  madrugaban  madrugué  madrugaste  madrugó  madrugamos  madrugasteis  madrugaron  madrugaré  madrugarás  madrugará  madrugaremos  madrugaréis  madrugarán