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Translation of malaria

la malaria     the malaria    

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Sample sentences:
Ciertos tipos de mosquitos son vectores de enfermedades como la malaria.

Certain kinds of mosquitoes are vectors to diseases such as malaria.
Contrajo malaria en África. He caught malaria in Africa.

I bought the ticket very quickly and ran to the gate. A stewardess was waiting for me and waved. She shouted that I should hurry up. I ran as fast as I could and entered the gate leading to the plane.
I think I have told you that I won't charge you for this kind of help. I looked at the sentences and I found them a little too long. They were good, but I understand why it took you so long and I think the point is too keep the shorter.
When I was in Austria, I went to ski school for a week in Kitzbuehel. Do you know this place? It's not far away from Munich. We always fly to Munich, with a stopover at Frankfurt airport.
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