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Translation of manifestación

la manifestación      the demonstration     

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Sample sentences:
No fue una manifestación pacífica porque se lanzaron granadas.

It was not a peaceful demonstration because grenades were thrown.
Robaron algunos negocios durante la confusión que causó la manifestación. Some of the stores were robbed during the confusion caused by the demonstration.
El Gobierno no autorizó las manifestaciones contra las nuevas medidas económicas. The Government did not authorize the demonstrations against the new economic measures.

Only an independent observer would be able to judge nature, for example God. In this poem the independent power is the witch who cooks her soup of nature, she knows what ingredients she needs to add.
It is an abandoned place in the middle of Spain, in the middle of nowhere. The station is located near a junction where the ways of the trains split. Both are split as well, in their minds.
The ferry took me to the island. Sitting next to me there was a local guy with two packs of beer, and he seemed pretty drunk for this hour of the day. He offered me some beer and I was polite.
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