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Translation of maquillar

maquillar     put makeup on

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My parents were Italian, but the first language I learned was Spanish, since we lived in southern Spain. Very close to Gibraltar. When I was older, like twelve I moved with them back to Lucca in Italy.
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Conjugation of maquillar
maquillo  maquillas  maquilla  maquillamos  maquilláis  maquillan  maquillaba  maquillabas  maquillaba  maquillábamos  maquillabais  maquillaban  maquillé  maquillaste  maquilló  maquillamos  maquillasteis  maquillaron  maquillaré  maquillarás  maquillará  maquillaremos  maquillaréis  maquillarán