Spanish Dictionary

Translation of masa

la masa     the dough    ; the mass    

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Sample sentences:
Yo uso una espátula de goma para raspar toda la masa y no desperdiciar nada.

I use a rubber spatula to scrape all the dough and not to waste anything.
Adoro una pizza con la masa crujiente. I love a pizza with crispy dough.
Poner un trozo de mantequilla para formar la masa. Put a gob of butter to form the dough.

I think that these news are a reflection of what people want to hear: The networks are presenting superficial stories because the audience is exactly that and do not want to be confronted with the reality.
I also made a reservation for a daytrip in the nearby mountains. We went in the early morning and met again near the Huanchan road, close to the office. A ten-seater picked us up and we left.
We returned before dusk, as we were afraid of not finding our ship in the dark. Once on the ship we decided to go for night swimming again in the open ocean. A few women on little boats approached us.
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