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Translation of matar

matar      to kill     
matar     to put out; to kill    ; to butcher    ; to ruin    
matar     to slay    

Pronunciation of matar    

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Sample sentences:
El tirano de ese país asiático hizo que el ejército matara a sus adversarios.

The tyrant of that Asian country had the army kill his adversaries.
Su adicción a la cocaína lo va a matar. His cocaine addiction will kill him.
Este veneno de víbora puede matar a un ser humano en cuestión de segundos. This viper venom can kill a human being in seconds.
matar to kill

Naturally, like everyone else, Italian think about themselves that they are the best. They think that Italy is a great nation and a great country, but these thoughts are never aggresive or political.
That is how he forces her into deciding between him and the baby. There is no escape from this dilema. The train that was supposed to arrive did not come yet and it does not look like it will come.
I connected to a group of people and we played some volleyball, had some drinks and they told me a little about the place and the country in general. I returned to the hostel and took a cold shower.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of matar
mato  matas  mata  matamos  matáis  matan  mataba  matabas  mataba  matábamos  matabais  mataban  maté  mataste  mató  matamos  matasteis  mataron  mataré  matarás  matará  mataremos  mataréis  matarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of butcher   [ butchered, butchered ]
Conjugation of kill   [ killed, killed ]
Conjugation of ruin   [ ruined, ruined ]
Conjugation of slay   [ slew, slain ]