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Translation of medicación

la medicación     the medication    

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Sample sentences:
¡Este perro necesita medicación contra la flatulencia urgentemente!

This dog needs medication for flatulence urgently!
Este niño es hiperactivo, pero el médico dijo que no necesitaba medicación. This child is overactive, but the doctor said he didn't need medication.

That was really cool. I flew from Koppenhagen to Thailand and did not know until take off where I wanted to go from Bangkok. We left Germany after midnight. I was really excited to go to a new place.
A ten year old kid should not be on Facebook. I would not be too concerned about your boys, because with facebook they can see who is approaching them, that means they can see the profile and social structure of their friends.
If you want to write again in Spanish, just do it. I have much to do at the moment, again and again... Sometimes it happens that I must work at night until the early hours of the morning.
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