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Translation of merendar

merendar     to snack    

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I would rather like that you write through the messaging system on this site and not to my private email address. All the info is gathered here online and I would like to keep is this way. It is nothing personal.
The institute has conducted the tests successfully and submitted the reports. It also what Peter has mentioned. It could take a few months until the publication. Please wait patiently.
I think you learn best through writing, talking and reading. Since I'm currently busy at my work and since I have no time for courses, I have no improvement plans for my Spanish studies.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of merendar
meriendo  meriendas  merienda  merendamos  merendáis  meriendan  merendaba  merendabas  merendaba  merendábamos  merendabais  merendaban  merendé  merendaste  merendó  merendamos  merendasteis  merendaron  merendaré  merendarás  merendará  merendaremos  merendaréis  merendarán