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Translation of mover

mover      to move     
mover     to budge    

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Sample sentences:
Él está seguro de que en su casa hay fuerzas sobrenaturales que mueven las cosas.

He is sure that there are supernatural forces moving things in his house.
Tienes que mover más tu pelvis para bailar la lambada. You should move more your pelvis to dance lambada.
No te muevas hasta que la avispa se vaya volando. Stay still until the wasp flies away.
mover to move
mover pull

The utopia from Germany is not very different from the Utopia of other countries. People want to be rich, free and happy. What is special in Switzerland is that people do not care about other nations.
The belief of somebody that a race or a group of people to which he belongs is superior to another. Even though the word itself stems from the word 'race', its meaning must be generalized.
I got to the southern tip of the island and visited the light house. I also remember to have visited some turtles or crocodiles nearby. I was not the only one who drove around the island by motorcycle.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of mover
muevo  mueves  mueve  movemos  movéis  mueven  movía  movías  movía  movíamos  movíais  movían  moví  moviste  movió  movimos  movisteis  movieron  moveré  moverás  moverá  moveremos  moveréis  moverán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of budge   [ budged, budged ]
Conjugation of move   [ moved, moved ]