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Translation of museo

el museo      the museum     

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Sample sentences:
En el Museo de Historia había una Biblia antigua de pergamino.

There was an ancient parchment Bible in the History Museum.
La guía del Museo Nacional de Historia nos mostró muchas cosas interesantes. The guide of the National History museum showed us many interesting things.
En su último viaje a Nueva York, visitaron el Museo de Historia Natural. In their latest trip to New York, they visited the Museum of Natural History.
visitar un museo visit a museum

Naturally, like everyone else, Italian think about themselves that they are the best. They think that Italy is a great nation and a great country, but these thoughts are never aggresive or political.
They are not used to live together with other religions and cultures and they do not know how to coexist. In each region people assume things about others, but in some regions the hatred grows.
By the way, after my horrible experience I had changed the hostel. The place was not really better but much more quiet and near the Ocean. I woke up with the sound of a siren. It was the police.
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