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el oeste      the west     

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Sample sentences:
El ferrocarril ayudó a poblar la costa oeste de los Estados Unidos.

The railroad helped populate the western coast of the United States.
El son se levante por el este y se pone en el oeste. The sun rises in the East and goes down in the West.
en el oeste in the west

They do not care and that means that they just want to be happy, independent and wealthy and do not strive to be a powerful nation like the countries that surround it. It is completely different.
Most are able to overcome their fears and to overcome their ignorance, if they want to. The subject that i am writing about is also an important factor in history since history consists of conflicts.
We could not find a nice hotel so we just took whatever we found in the center of town. We were a little upset with the entire stress, so that we had left our bags in the cab when it drove away.
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