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la ola      the wave     

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Sample sentences:
De repente se desencadenó una tormenta y las olas del mar se encresparon.

Suddenly a storm broke and the sea waves surged.
la ola wave

Some of the disadvantages are the coldness, darkness and the fact that the days are a lot shorter then as in the summer. First let me tell you what I do not like about the winter. It is the following.
Moreover, these conception goes with generations, it is almost biologically inherited, they are path from parent to child. As a result the a child has similar believes as his father or mother.
The cemetery in Recoleta was worth seeing, although I do not like hanging around these places for too long. From there we continued to the market but found it boring so that we kept on going.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of wave   [ waved, waved ]