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Translation of ordenanza

la ordenanza     the orderly    ; the ordinance    
el ordenanza     the batman    

Pronunciation of ordenanza    

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Sample sentences:
Su ordenanza le arregló la ropa.

His batman tidied up his clothes.

I fell asleep but woke up in the middle of the night. My stomach turned upside down and I could not hold myself anymore. I needed to vomit and ran to the bathroom. This occurred three times.
This kind of struggle is a 'projecting the guilt' one someone innocent. It has always existed, even today there is a large movement against foreigners in Europe and its support is frightening me.
You come to a point where you have seen just enough, loved it and are ready to move on. It was one more ugly train ride to Hanoi. The train started rolling on time and we slept in our cabin again.
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