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Translation of origen

el origen     the origin    
el origen     the provenance    

Pronunciation of origen    

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Sample sentences:
El zopilote es un ave grande de origen americano.

The buzzard is a big bird of American origin.
Los esclavos estadounidenses eran de origen africano. The American slaves were of African origin.
El gong es un instrumento de origen asiático. The gong is an instrument of Asian origin.

Let us speak in the beginning of next week and arrange the exact schedule. I should get the first answer tomorrow or on Thursday evening. And by the way: Happy Birthday to your little cute daughter.
I visited a few churches near the center and decided to climb the mountains nearby, on which there were also churches. My intention was to get a good shot at the town from above, a bird view.
This province was only one mile away from China and one could see the border control. From there it was a bus ride up the hill, about an hour or so passed and we arrived at our final destination.
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