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Translation of oruga

la oruga     the caterpillar    

Pronunciation of oruga    

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Sample sentences:
Esta fea oruga se convertirá más adelante en una hermosa mariposa.

This ugly caterpillar will later become a beautiful butterfly.

I fell asleep but woke up in the middle of the night. My stomach turned upside down and I could not hold myself anymore. I needed to vomit and ran to the bathroom. This occurred three times.
And others are not, some of us are speaking (too) freely about it, without paying attention to what they really say. Some of us know how to restrain because we know that these feelings are malicious.
We went to visit the different markets starting with the bracelet market in Kowloon. Lili bought a few stones there. In the afternoon we visited the financial district which could only be reached by boat.
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