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Translation of perceptivo

perceptivo     perceptive    

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Sample sentences:
Es muy perceptivo a los sentimientos de los otros.

He is very perceptive of other people's feelings.

Some idiot copied it from there and inserted it into our vocabulary builder. He is allowed to do it as long as he indicates that sentences where taken from another source and are for self usage only.
I think it's a good idea to fly to Antigua to a language school. I feel more confident with the grammar in Spanish. Perhaps it would be better if the school would arrange the accommodation.
What is the past tense of 'to swim'? So either you say, I was swimming or yesterday I was swimming. Or: I was running yesterday vs. yesterday, I ran. You know the answer? I have no clue.
Do you know the meaning of? pecera    partidario    pantano    ostión    operativo    ocelote    novelista    nervioso    mío    motín