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el perseguidor     the chaser    

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Do you have a brochure (marketing materials in PDF format), which I could forward by email or which I could print out here? I want to create a new listing for my friends in Berlin. Thanks.
The point is to add simple sentences, otherwise you will be spending 5 minutes on each word. Send me a list of let's say ten words and how many sample sentences you want or each word and I'll start sometime tomorrow and see how long it takes.
Sure we can do that. What will you be doing there? Spanish lessons? I am simply trying to understand. I will translate the text into Spanish. Many greetings and I would love to see you soon.
Do you know the meaning of? pentatlón    pavo    parque    panacea    ortopedista    omnipotencia    observar    nosotros    negligencia    máquina