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Translation of pestaña

la pestaña     the eyelash    
la pestaña     the lash    

Pronunciation of pestaña    

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Sample sentences:
Ella tiene hermosas pestañas largas y oscuras que no necesitan rimel.

She has beautiful long and dark eyelashes that don't need mascara.

Her students are using the software and learning with the website afterwards on a regular basis. She is very satisfied and she was kind and gave me your number, as she thought that it may interest you.
The other visitors in my group were from the United States, Canada, Germany and from other parts in Mexico. I need to say that it was so much fun to meet people and spend an entire trip with them.
The room had around 4 square meters and the bathroom and shower were tiny. I was not content about that, as we could have stayed in a much better hotel for less. But we had made reservations in advance anyway.
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