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Translation of pileta

la pileta     the swimming pool    

Pronunciation of pileta    

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Sample sentences:
El plomero cambió la pileta del cuarto de baño.

The plumber changed the sink of the bathroom.

My brother moved there last year. He met a woman and went after her. After six years they have broken up, but he no longer wanted to return, because he has settled down in his new home. I am visiting him once a year.
A ten year old kid should not be on Facebook. I would not be too concerned about your boys, because with facebook they can see who is approaching them, that means they can see the profile and social structure of their friends.
I live near London. In March I will be going to Italy to visit friends. It will be my first time in Italy, I am totally excited. See you soon hopefully. Lovely greetings and best wishes. Anne.
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