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Translation of pinchazo

el pinchazo     the jab    

Pronunciation of pinchazo    

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Sample sentences:
¿Me podrías prestar tu manguera? Quiero regar el jardín y la mía tiene un pinchazo.

Could you lend me your hose? I want to water my garden and mine has a puncture.

Of course I have already tried, but it did not work. I will try it again. Meanwhile, here is the reason for my short emails... only one hand free at a time, see explanation in the image of me.
The point is to add simple sentences, otherwise you will be spending 5 minutes on each word. Send me a list of let's say ten words and how many sample sentences you want or each word and I'll start sometime tomorrow and see how long it takes.
What are your hobbies? The first year I have been taking swimming lessons. It's great. I am married and I a have a son. We can also speak English if needed. Usually, I like to focus on one language.
Do you know the meaning of? persistencia    pepino    país    parroquial    pandero    osadía    ondear    obstrucción    notar    negociar