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Translation of podrido

podrido     rotten    

Pronunciation of podrido    

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Sample sentences:
Este pescado está podrido y lo voy a tirar.

This fish is rotten and I will throw it away.
podrido rotten; putrid

No one should eat street food in these countries, and neither I should have. It is not that I was not experienced from previous traveling, it is that I had just forgotten it and now I needed to pay for it.
I almost forgot to tell you, that the water was brown, despite of its name... Anyway, as I was already close to my next destination I went and consulted with a tourguide of Austrian travelers.
I called the Hilton hotel in Cuba and asked them whether it was worth coming or if they suggest to postpone the arrival. Their response was clear: Don't come unless you really have too.
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