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prever     to foresee    

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Sample sentences:
El viento helado nos impidió ir al parque como estaba previsto.

The icy wind prevented us from going to the park as planned.
No podían prever el aumento del precio del oro. They couldn't foresee the rise in the price of gold.
¿Dónde tiene previsto alojarse en Gran Bretaña? Where do you plan to lodge in Great Britain?

Do you know any people in Australia. I have delivered all the necessary information to the friends. Please give them a few more days to correct the letters (I was not in the office last week).
The trip included a lot of walking and the guide told us the history of this region, of the Chiapas state and also how it evolved in the context of the entire Mexican country. Very interesting!!!
We went back and took our bags from the travel agent, where we left them earlier. We wanted to catch the bus back to the station before darkness, as we knew that people drove crazy over there.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of prever
preveo  preves  preve  prevemos  preveis  preven  preveía  preveías  preveía  preveíamos  preveíais  preveían  preví  previste  previó  previmos  previsteis  previeron  preveré  preverás  preverá  preveremos  preveréis  preverán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of foresee   [ foresaw, foreseen ]