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Translation of rabieta

la rabieta     the tantrum    

Pronunciation of rabieta    

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Sample sentences:
Él es un niño consentido que tiene una rabieta cuando no consigue lo que quiere.

He is a spoiled child who has a tantrum when he doesn't get what he wants.
Sus padres la castigaron porque tuvo una rabieta. Her parents punished her because she had a tantrum.

My parents were Italian, but the first language I learned was Spanish, since we lived in southern Spain. Very close to Gibraltar. When I was older, like twelve I moved with them back to Lucca in Italy.
I think I have told you that I won't charge you for this kind of help. I looked at the sentences and I found them a little too long. They were good, but I understand why it took you so long and I think the point is too keep the shorter.
I have been studying Hungarian for one month. I also speak English, German and Latin. Hungarian would be my fourth language, and it gives me headache. I still can not say anything, not even one word.
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