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rebelarse     to revolt    

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rebelarse to rebel

I would rather like that you write through the messaging system on this site and not to my private email address. All the info is gathered here online and I would like to keep is this way. It is nothing personal.
It certainly is one of the reasons that a student from abroad is not as good in English as people who were born in America. This is an obstacle for all students and a challenge for the educational system.
What problems did you have when you had to share your flat with your mates? Probably you were not used to it. We say that when we live close we usually discover many issues that were not known.
Newly added translation: radicalismo    quebradizo    pudiente    promulgar    previo    predador    populista    platicar    pierna    pero   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of revolt   [ revolted, revolted ]