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recomendar      to recommend     

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Sample sentences:
Hoy en día el salvado se recomienda para el consumo humano debido a su fibra.

Nowadays bran is recommended for human consumption because of its fiber.
No puedo recomendar la película porque no me gustó. I can't recommend the movie because I didn't like it.
El aceite de oliva es el aceite que la mayoría de los médicos recomiendan. Olive oil is the oil that most doctors recommend.

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It is a thought that someone may have if he does not know anything about another group of individuals. He hears many stereotypes and blindly creates his own images in which he strongly believes.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of recomendar
recomiendo  recomiendas  recomienda  recomendamos  recomendáis  recomiendan  recomendaba  recomendabas  recomendaba  recomendábamos  recomendabais  recomendaban  recomendé  recomendaste  recomendó  recomendamos  recomendasteis  recomendaron  recomendaré  recomendarás  recomendará  recomendaremos  recomendaréis  recomendarán 
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Conjugation of recommend   [ recommended, recommended ]