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Translation of restos

los restos     the debris    ; the wreckage    

Pronunciation of restos    

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Sample sentences:
Este terreno tiene muchas capas de restos arqueológicos.

This terrain has many layers of archeological remains.
Hoy solo quedan restos de la civilización asiria. There are only remnants of the Assyrian civilization today.

My parents were Italian, but the first language I learned was Spanish, since we lived in southern Spain. Very close to Gibraltar. When I was older, like twelve I moved with them back to Lucca in Italy.
We have met over 20 years ago during our holidays. We live in Florida and are working both for a computer company. I fly several times a month. I wish you another beautiful Sunday afternoon!
Germany has a very diverse geography in the North we have the port cities of Hamburg and Bremen, and people are more open, there are a few hills up there. Then you should also visit Berlin.
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