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Translation of revelación

la revelación     the disclosure    ; the revelation    

Pronunciation of revelación    

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Sample sentences:
La revelación de su romance con su cuñado fue impactante.

The disclosure of her affair with her brother-in-law was shocking.

Now I just got scared! Have I missed my own son's birthday? Luckily it is on the 19.08, exactly in a month. Man, you confused me now. Anyway, we had a great time in the mountains and the snow was great.
I've never been to America, but I wanna fly to New York in the end of this year, maybe go to Washington and possibly to LA. It would be nice one months to learn English there. I started to learn now.
In school, we now are learning the grammar part, more specifically, the participles and so on. I understand it at all, but the conjugations, boy they are tough. A lot of patience is needed.
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