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revolverse     to revolve    

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I would rather like that you write through the messaging system on this site and not to my private email address. All the info is gathered here online and I would like to keep is this way. It is nothing personal.
I've never been to America, but I wanna fly to New York in the end of this year, maybe go to Washington and possibly to LA. It would be nice one months to learn English there. I started to learn now.
I am back in Switzerland, and the weather makes me crazy. Shall I write you on Vocabulix or to your regular email address? I have been working 20 years as an employee for a German company.
Newly added translation: resorte    renegar    regimiento    reconstrucción    razonamiento    quitarse    puñetazo    prudencia    profundamente    preservación   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of revolve   [ revolved, revolved ]