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Translation of revuelta

la revuelta     the revolt    

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It looks like we need to invite Erika again to my home, once the cake is ready. Of course, this should be done before Sunday to stay in the chocolate cake race. We should buy cream too.
I've never been to America, but I wanna fly to New York in the end of this year, maybe go to Washington and possibly to LA. It would be nice one months to learn English there. I started to learn now.
Sure! I can help you in learning German. What do you need? I am a student for literature and live in Hanover. Do you know the city? It is in the north. Are you studying or are you working?
Newly added translation: respaldo    reno    regio    reconstruir    razonar    quitasol    puño    prudente    profundidad    preservar   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of revolt   [ revolted, revolted ]