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Translation of romano

el romano     the Roman    

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Sample sentences:
Los antiguos romanos se creían con derecho a gobernar todo el mundo conocido por ellos.

Ancient Romans thought of themselves as having the right to govern the entire world known to them.
Los antiguos romanos llamaban bárbaros a todos los pueblos con una cultura diferente a la suya. Ancient Romans called all peoples with cultures different from theirs 'barbarians'.
Los antiguos romanos construyeron acueductos en toda Europa, muchos de los cuales permanecen en pie. Ancient Romans built aqueducts all over Europe, many of which remain standing.

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The climb was much exhausting than I had presumed. I had forgotten that we were at high altitude where there is less oxygen and that every step required double effort. It was a great exercise.
We left and went back to the boat which took us back to the big vessel. We started our journey back to the main land. It was already late and from the main land, it was still a four hour drive back.
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