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Translation of ropa

la ropa      the clothes     
la ropa     the apparel    ; the clothing    

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Sample sentences:
Ese cajón es para la ropa interior.

That drawer is for the underwear.
Esa mujer es tan superficial que sus únicos intereses son la ropa y las estrellas de cine. That woman is so shallow that her only interests are clothes and movie stars.
Él siempre tiene ropa interior limpia en su casillero en el club. He always has clean underwear in his locker at the club.
ropa de diseño designer clothes
ponerse la ropa to put on clothing
planchar la ropa iron clothing
lavar la ropa to do laundry
la ropa interior underwear
vestido; ropa clothing
la ropa the clothing

They do not care and that means that they just want to be happy, independent and wealthy and do not strive to be a powerful nation like the countries that surround it. It is completely different.
This perilous reaction, due to trivial, conventional thinking of us might lead to direct violence or at least to its support. Furthermore it can destroys one's good intensions and qualities.
Anyway, i got bored pretty fast, drank a Coconut and orange juice mix and went on. I returned my bike at four before heading again to the beach. By coincidence I met the sister of a colleague of mine.
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