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Translation of rutina

la rutina     the routine    
la rutina     the treadmill    

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Sample sentences:
Estoy harto de la rutina de mi trabajo.

I am sick of the treadmill of my job.
No le gusta tener barba, por eso el afeitado es parte de su rutina diaria. He does not like to have a beard, which is why the shave is part of his daily routine.

At around seven, it wasn't dark anymore, the mother of the family offered me some tea. I felt so uncomfortable coming to a new family owned casa and vomiting there all night, but I was really sick.
Most are able to overcome their fears and to overcome their ignorance, if they want to. The subject that i am writing about is also an important factor in history since history consists of conflicts.
We managed to get a few hours of bad sleep and arrived at the destination called Lao Cai, the capital of the province with the same name. It was only 370km from Hanoi, but the ride lasted nine hours.
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