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Translation of saltamontes

el saltamontes     the grasshopper    

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Sample sentences:
Los saltamontes son insectos y en muchas partes de Asia la gente los come.

Grasshoppers are insects and in many parts of Asia people eat them.

The ingredients of the poem which seem to be so bright because of the white are in fact the ingredients of a witches broth: In everything there is something bad, even in the goodness and shininess.
The climb was much exhausting than I had presumed. I had forgotten that we were at high altitude where there is less oxygen and that every step required double effort. It was a great exercise.
If the issue reoccurs let me know immediately, as it is not acceptable for us! I will look into the network files. Dan, it is great that you put so much effort in helping us. It keeps us going.
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