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Translation of secuestrar

secuestrar      to abduct     
secuestrar     to kidnap    

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Sample sentences:
La artista tiene un guardaespaldas que va con ella a todos lados porque tiene miedo de ser secuestrada.

The artist has a bodyguard who goes with her everywhere because she fears being kidnapped.
Se ofreció una recompensa por noticias de la niña secuestrada. A bounty was offered for news of the kidnapped girl.
secuestrar ontvoeren (INF)
secuestrar to kidnap

Everybody knows about the Indian summer which is famous for it strong and shiny atmosphere in the woods. That is why i wanted to see it too. So, last Saturday morning we left Boston and drove North-West.
Usually in a place with a homegenous society hatred towards foreigners can grow much more easy as a small disturbance to the homogenity may upset the entire society. People are not used to changes.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of secuestrar
secuestro  secuestras  secuestra  secuestramos  secuestráis  secuestran  secuestraba  secuestrabas  secuestraba  secuestrábamos  secuestrabais  secuestraban  secuestré  secuestraste  secuestró  secuestramos  secuestrasteis  secuestraron  secuestraré  secuestrarás  secuestrará  secuestraremos  secuestraréis  secuestrarán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of abduct   [ abducted, abducted ]
Conjugation of kidnap   [ kidnapped, kidnapped ]