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Translation of septiembre

septiembre      September     
el septiembre     the September    

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Sample sentences:
El festival alemán Oktoberfest se lleva a cabo entre septiembre y octubre.

The German festival Oktoberfest takes place between September and October.
Las fiestas de primavera en América del Sur se celebran en septiembre. The spring festivals in South America are held in September.
septiembre september

In order to change something you need to have courage, even if it is the smallest thing. Actually let me refine, changing needs only courage if the current situation is not bad but not perfect either.
I want to talk about racism, what it is and what it does, about who is a racist and what makes hit so, about its consequences and how we can fight it. Furthermore, I would like to analyze more.
Some of the people had invited me for dinner and I joined them. I soon found out that they were eating at their apartment and were cooking by themselves. I found myself peeling raw potatoes.
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