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Translation of sesenta

sesenta      sixty     

Pronunciation of sesenta    

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Sample sentences:
Él ya tiene sesenta años y está planeando su jubilación.

He is already sixty years old and is planning his retirement.
sesenta y siete sixty-seven
sesenta y siete 67
sesenta 60

In this poem there is not any movement, it is only a snapshot of life, it means it is a picture, almost dead, as there is no movement at all. And this is the reason why the poem seems to be calming.
This perilous reaction, due to trivial, conventional thinking of us might lead to direct violence or at least to its support. Furthermore it can destroys one's good intensions and qualities.
Luckily the town was small and the hotel manager could call all taxi stations. They checked it through their radios and an hour later the driver was back with our bags. He did not want to be paid extra, but I insisted.
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