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Translation of simular

simular     to simulate    
simular     to sham    

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This is actually a big mistake as a community always should grow by a few percent. The reason is quite clear: The young people will need to support their parents once these are unable to work.
Please write me from your home as soon as your are back. My Spanish is better than that of most Americans, but my English is worse than that of most people here. It is a strange position that I am in.
That is great. Thank you for the support (and for the compliment). Recommendations by universities are always very appreciated, as universities are usually more selective about external resources.
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Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of simular
simulo  simulas  simula  simulamos  simuláis  simulan  simulaba  simulabas  simulaba  simulábamos  simulabais  simulaban  simulé  simulaste  simuló  simulamos  simulasteis  simularon  simularé  simularás  simulará  simularemos  simularéis  simularán 
English Verbs    
Conjugation of simulate   [ simulated, simulated ]