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Translation of accomplishment in Spanish

the accomplishment     el cumplimiento    ; la realización    

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Sample sentences:
The announcer read a summary of her accomplishments and then the cameras focused on her.

El locutor leyó un resumen de lo logros de ella y luego las cámaras la enfocaron.

If you want to learn, you need milestones, so that you can plan your learning curve. Together, we will decide on 3-4 days, where we will study intensely. Perhaps your German will get a little bit better by then.
I've never been to Switzerland, but I've been thinking about visiting it for a long time. Until now I was only in France and Holland. I should take the time and travel and visit new places.
To answer your question I'm a college teacher but I am working now for a real estate agency. I'm also responsible for the finances. It's a very lucrative business but I hate it, most of the time.
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