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Translation of activate in Spanish

to activate     activar    

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Sample sentences:
The building has sensors against fire that activate with smoke.

El edificio cuenta con sensores contra fuego que se activan con el humo.
You have to activate the password before you can use the account. Tienes que activar la contraseña antes de poder utilizar la cuenta.

The airport was huge, compared to Siem Reap's one, of course. We expected something similar to Bangkok's airfield but it was completely different. We stood in line for the passport control.
Banteay Srey was beautiful. It was a very small temple but it had a lot of detail in it. Simathay explained everything. He was truly a great tour guide and we were happy that we had met him.
If you want we can exchange messages and emails in English and Spanish in order to improve and get some exercise. I think we should correct each other's messages. i need to practice otherwise I will forget everything.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of activate   [ activated, activated ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of activar
activo  activas  activa  activamos  activáis  activan  activaba  activabas  activaba  activábamos  activabais  activaban  activé  activaste  activó  activamos  activasteis  activaron  activaré  activarás  activará  activaremos  activaréis  activarán