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Translation of affront in Spanish

to affront     afrentar    

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All sorts of people were sitting in the restaurant, locals as well as foreigners. One could see that the city had some modern places too and that it was not the Vietnam we had imagined.
I work at an insurance company and the last 4 years i was employed there. So now, I am finishing with this job at end of the year. I got to find something new. Where in Italy are you from?
Well, being the first time in South America, especially Peru, gives you a little shock in the first few hours. Already at the airport everybody wants something ($$$) from you
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of affront   [ affronted, affronted ]
Spanish VerbsPresentPast IIIFuture
Conjugation of afrentar
afrento  afrentas  afrenta  afrentamos  afrentáis  afrentan  afrentaba  afrentabas  afrentaba  afrentábamos  afrentabais  afrentaban  afrenté  afrentaste  afrentó  afrentamos  afrentasteis  afrentaron  afrentaré  afrentarás  afrentará  afrentaremos  afrentaréis  afrentarán