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Translation of aggressive in Spanish

aggressive     agresivo    

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Sample sentences:
In hospital he was put in a straitjacket because he became aggressive.

En el hospital le pusieron una camisa de fuerza porque se puso agresivo.
aggressive agresivo

Once in the VIP room, overlooking the entire club (around 2000 people were inside), watching all the dancers on the stage and enjoying the loud music my wife felt even worse, but it wasn't the wine.
I learn things really fast and easily. I also know Italian well. I can make whole conversations in Italian. You are a fast learner, because Italian is a hard language to learn, especially for German speakers.
We hardly remembered that our day began at 7.30am 500 kilometers further north. It was now already 6pm and we were eager to board the plane in order to reduce the distance to our destination.
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