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Translation of all in Spanish

all     toda    ; todas    ; todo    ; todos    

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Sample sentences:
All the equipment was airborne to the filming location.

Todo el equipo fue aerotransportado al sitio de filmación.
Peter's comments antagonized all his colleagues. Los comentarios de Peter enojaron a todos sus colegas.
All supermarkets put a barcode on their products. Todos los supermercados ponen código de barras a sus productos.
on all sides por todos lados
you all (informal) vosotros
not at all no en absoluto
all the time todo el rato
all my life toda mi vida
all day long todo el dia
you all (formal) ustedes
first of all ante todo
above all sobre todo

Once in the VIP room, overlooking the entire club (around 2000 people were inside), watching all the dancers on the stage and enjoying the loud music my wife felt even worse, but it wasn't the wine.
Yes I do live in the United States of America. Thanks for contacting me! I am okay with my Spanish, but when creating sentences I'm terrible at using the right form of the la, el, un y una.
The next morning we got up a little later than usual. After leaving our room we recognized that this town and region was stunning. Desert and high volcanoes all around us. The place was superb.
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