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Translation of annoying in Spanish

annoying     cargante    ; fastidioso    ; pesado    

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Sample sentences:
She is so annoying that nobody wants to talk to her.

Ella es tan fastidiosa que nadie quiere hablar con ella.
annoying molesto
annoying pesado

Once in the VIP room, overlooking the entire club (around 2000 people were inside), watching all the dancers on the stage and enjoying the loud music my wife felt even worse, but it wasn't the wine.
I am learning Spanish in university but I also have to improve it for private reasons. Do you have any suggestions. It is giving me a hard time lately as it is difficult. I need to be very patient.
The next morning she felt much better and we decided to take the bus to Puerto Varas, a small town near the Osorno volcano. The bus ride took around 13 hours and we passed through various, but not very interesting landscapes.
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