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Translation of average in Spanish

the average     la media    
the average     el promedio    
average     media    ; regular    

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Sample sentences:
The average student studies only the minimum to pass the exams.

El estudiante promedio estudia sólo el mínimo para aprobar los exámenes.
average promedio
average media

I am Spanish Teacher. I graduated last year, in August. I studied mostly in Germany. I have been working for nine months as a teacher in many language schools but soon I will be a student again.
When we arrived at the port, or whatever it was, we were a little scared since the boats were very old and dirty. We entered the boats anyway and hoped for best. The boat driver started the engine.
At Pisac we visited its 'once certainly authentic', 'today completely touristic' market. We enjoyed it anyway, ate fresh corncobs and bought a warm wool hat.
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Conjugation of regular
regulo  regulas  regula  regulamos  reguláis  regulan  regulaba  regulabas  regulaba  regulábamos  regulabais  regulaban  regulé  regulaste  reguló  regulamos  regulasteis  regularon  regularé  regularás  regulará  regularemos  regularéis  regularán